Titbits Popcorn

Unlike most friendly  discussion where people discuss the ideas but do not implement, we took a leap of faith to start with only one objective “if we can think it, then we can do it.!!!” Yes.. Titbits is all about affirmation.

Titbits’s primary product is fresh kettle popcorns. Hot fresh, fluffy, light and crunchy popcorns.

So yes, Titbits Popcorn is a new born baby in the Popcorn Industry with traditional touch to cook Popcorn. Using the finest local ingredients, Titbits popcorn is hand made in small batches despise sizeable capacity of the Industry kettle to ensure freshness and crunchiness of our popcorn. Our cook ensures each and every popcorn is fluffy, light, crunchy and full of taste.

Titbits – Every bit is Kiwi !!!

We don’t grow our corn on the moon so it’s very much local NZ ; edible and delicious as it should be. We do not add artificial preservatives or flavours as we are simply not interested to use them. Titbits uses only the finest local ingredients.

Our popular flavours are Sweet & Salty, Carmel and Sea salt. All products are dairy free and nut free..VEGAN !!

Titbits Mr Salty and Miss Sweet are here to take care of your taste buds. Mr. Salty is in charge of healthier choice Sea-Salt popcorn. Our attractive diva Miss Sweet is everyone’s favourite and is in charge of Caramel & Sweet Popcorn.

Where would you find us? Every game or event or market, look for a very attractive bright orange colour tent hosted by Mr. Salty and Miss Sweet. So next time you visit a rugby game, food or fireworks event, movies in the park or morning market don’t miss us.

Just grab your bag of Titbits and share the joy of Kiwi Taste.!!